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Auto-Enrolment Pensions

Once you become an employer you now, by law, have to offer your nanny a workplace pension. We will -

  • Set up an autoenrolment pension scheme for you. Our chosen provider is Nest as it is a free scheme,

  • Complete the required declaration of compliance to register with the Pensions Regulator and re-register you with the Pensions Regulator every 3 years,

  • Issue all regulatory letters on your behalf,

  • Calculate pension contributions applicable each pay period,

  • Submit the contributions each month to the pension scheme

  • Pay the pension contributions to the pension scheme via Bacs on your behalf,

  •  Maintain comprehensive auto enrolment records.

Qualifying Criteria

If your nanny is aged 22 or over​, earns over £10,000 per annum and works in the UK then you must enrol them in a pension scheme and make contributions on their behalf.

However you only need to make contributions if your nanny also wants to make their own contributions. If your nanny doesn't wish to be part of the scheme and pay into a pension, they have the right to opt out.

Rates for Auto-Enrolment

 Dates                                                        Employer   Nanny      Total

 Prior to 6th April 2018                              1%               1%             2%

 6th April 2018 - 5th April 2019                2%              3%             5%

 6th April 2019 - onwards                         3%              5%             8%

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