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Employee Rights

Employees have to earn at least the NMW (National Minimum Wage) as set by the Government and this changes every year.

Employers should provide their nanny with a Contract of Employment and this should be provided within 2 months of starting work and should include at least, start date, hours/days worked, gross salary, duties and responsibilities, holiday entitlement, notice period and disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Full time employees are entitled to 28 days paid holiday per year including bank holidays. This is pro-rated if working part time i.e.

Working 1 Day a week  = 5.6 days annual leave per year

Working 2 Days a week = 11.2 days annual leave per year

Working 3 Days a week = 16.8 days annual leave per year

Working 4 Days a week = 22.4 days annual leave per year

Your employer must give you at least 28 days but can give you more annual leave.

Employees are entitled to statutory payments such as SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay) and SSP (Statutory Sick Pay).


Your employer should provide you with a payslip each time you are paid and this should show any deductions for tax and National Insurance, your tax code and pension contributions.

Employers should provide forms P45 if you leave their employ and a P60 form at the end of each tax year if still employed at that point.

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